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  • Protec.Card

    PROTEC.CARD is a connected electronic card holder. Smart holder alerts...

    59.00 CHF Tax included
  • GoTenna Mesh
    GoTenna Mesh

    Send and receive messages and GPS location with your smartphone via the...

    219.00 CHF Tax included
  • LoveBox

    With LoveBox, each message sent is a gift. Valentine Day or not ......

    119.00 CHF Tax included
  • Embouts éthylotest BACtrack C6
    Embouts éthylotest BACtrack C6

    19.00 CHF Tax included

Extreme miniaturisation makes it now possible to "wear" technology and even forget you are wearing it. But in the end what counts the most is the benefit of using this device as a life companion. Discover what Wearables can do for you ...

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items