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  • Protec.Card

    PROTEC.CARD is a connected electronic card holder. Smart holder alerts...

    59.00 CHF Tax included
  • GoTenna Mesh
    GoTenna Mesh

    Send and receive messages and GPS location with your smartphone via the...

    219.00 CHF Tax included
  • LoveBox

    With LoveBox, each message sent is a gift. Valentine Day or not ......

    119.00 CHF Tax included
  • Embouts éthylotest BACtrack C6
    Embouts éthylotest BACtrack C6

    19.00 CHF Tax included
Connected Health

Your Health becomes Connected !

Probably the must have accessories for your smartphone. You will either become addicted to Quantified Self ... or just someone in better health conditions !

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Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items